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Drug Possession

Drug Possession

A drug possession conviction can be detrimental to your future. Not only will a felony conviction be very difficult to remove, if at all possible, from your criminal record; but it also means: no voting, no posting bond, and no owning a gun.

Depending on the type and quantity in possession of the drug, you could be facing probation or jail time with a fine or life in prison. No matter your situation, make sure to contact us for a free consultation on your legal options. We handle cases from first-time marijuana possession offense to multiple-convictions of cocaine or other controlled substance offense.

Whether charged at the state or federal level, George B. Dombart is licensed to represent clients at the state and federal levels. If charged with drug possession, it is very important to contact us prior to speaking to authorities or providing a statement. You have the right to representation by an attorney and a defense against the alleged accusations.