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Internet Crimes

Internet Crimes

The distribution of access to the internet has grown immensely. With most homes, universities, and public buildings now wired, the number of individuals interacting on the internet has grown exponentially. Not only are more people interacting on the internet but more time is being spent on the internet. With more time being spent on the internet, the exposure to being charged with an internet crime increases.

Internet crimes can range from fraud and illegal sales of narcotics to child pornography and prostitution. Many federal and state agencies are becoming sophisticated in their sting operations in order to entrap people who might not even be aware that they’re committing a crime.

Know your rights and if accused or charged with an internet crime, call us to discuss your legal options. The Law Office of George B. Dombart has successfully handled many cases involving internet crimes. The law becomes more complicated when applied to acts on the internet but your choice of attorney doesn’t have to be. Contact us today for a free consultation.