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Murder and Capital Offenses

Murder and Capital Offenses

Murder and capital offenses are one of the most serious charges in the state of Texas. Every situation is different, but if found guilty, you may face felony jail time or the death penalty. A sentence for murder can range from five years to ninety-nine years.

Being charged with murder is a serious matter. Don’t gamble with your legal case. Hire an experienced attorney who can provide the best defense. The Law Office of George B. Dombart has the experience and certifications necessary to represent you in a court of law.

What if I’m accused of capital murder?

According to the Texas Penal Code section 19.03, the criteria to be accused of capital murder includes:

  • Killing a police officer or fireman in the course of their duties
  • Intentionally killing a person during a burglary, robbery, kidnapping, or aggravated sexual assault
  • Murder for hire
  • Killing a child under the age of six

The likelihood of receiving a death sentence if found guilty of capital murder is very high unless you’re attorney is able to show that you’re not a future danger or there was mitigation. Being charged with Capital Murder should be taken seriously and your defense should be proficient. George B. Dombart has the proficiency and experience in providing the best defense for murder charges.

Don’t delay another day when a guilty sentence can be life changing. Contact the Law Office of George B. Dombart today.