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White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime

Although white collar crimes do not carry the same substance as other more violent and obvious offenses, they can still result in harsh sentences. White collar crimes involve a much more elaborate investigative process prior to prosecution so it’s very important to contact us if you’re being investigated in order to protect your rights from the beginning.

Being charged with a white collar crime is not only limited to those in large corporations or small businesses; the average citizen is also subject to being charged with a white collar crime. A sample of such crimes and those we provide defenses for include:

  • Accounting fraud
  • Bribery, extortion, racketeering, and RICO crimes
  • Computer hacking, cyberspace and internet crimes
  • Conspiracy
  • Counterfeiting and forgery
  • Credit card fraud, embezzlement
  • Health care and insurance fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Mail fraud, bank fraud
  • Improper Medicaid billing, Medicare fraud
  • Money laundering and drug-related offenses
  • Securities and tax fraud
  • Terrorist threats and hoaxes
  • Wire fraud

We treat the accusation and charge of a white collar crime very seriously and we will represent your best interest in all legal matters. The earlier you contact us the better we can serve you.

Contact the Law Office of George B. Dombart today to safeguard your rights and be guaranteed a fair investigation and trial.